What Should I Draw? Finding Inspiration for Your Drawings

Drawing Ideas?

This is a question often asked by children – and it’s a question that can be difficult to answer. But here are some ideas for what you or your child can draw.

This article is mostly written for children, but these ideas can also be used by adults if you’re not sure what to draw.

The ideas are great for both those who are learning to draw and for experienced individuals regardless of their level.

Draw a Unicorn

If you’re unsure of what to draw, a unicorn is a fantastic creature to start with. They are often beautiful and magical, and unicorns also have a long history. Help your child research unicorns so they can draw one that is both beautiful and interesting. Or use the art school’s unicorn that the child can color.

Unicorn drawing template
Unicorn by Amandaa Njyravn
Click image for larger view

Draw a Turtle

The turtle is another fascinating creature to draw. They are often slow and calm, and they have a long lifespan. Teach your child about turtles so they can draw one that is both beautiful and interesting. You can learn how to draw a turtle here: Easy Drawing for Kids: How to Draw a Turtle in 9 Steps

Draw a Tree

Trees are beautiful and essential for nature. They also have a long history, and many people have a deep connection to trees. Help your child research trees so they can draw one that is both beautiful and interesting.

Remember that a tree has roots it stands on, a trunk, branches, twigs, and leaves – so drawing a tree is actually a very detailed process.

Draw an Adventure

If your child is lost in adventures, let them draw their favorite scene from one of these stories. Adventures are often filled with excitement, and there are no limits to what your child can draw. It’s cozy to listen to a story while drawing, so bring out the thick book of fairy tales and enjoy the time together.

Draw a Pet

Pets are always a hit, especially if your child loves having them. Most children have a favorite type of pet, so let them draw their favorite animal. If your child doesn’t have a pet, they can draw one they dream of having.

Animals you or your child can draw, for example:

  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Cats
  • Birds like penguins
  • Monkeys
  • Lions
  • Beetles
  • Flies
  • Spiders
  • Fish

Inspiration for Your Own or Your Child’s Creativity

  1. Draw a person or an animal you can find in nature. This could be a bird, an insect, or a plant.
  2. Draw something from your daily life. This could be something from your room, your school, or your town.
  3. Draw something from your imagination. This could be a dragon, a monster, or another fun creature.
  4. Draw something you find beautiful. This could be a flower, a sunset, or something entirely different.
  5. Draw something you love. This could be something you’ve made, something you own, or something you’ve experienced.
  6. Draw something that makes you sad. This could be something you’ve lost, something you miss, or something you want.
  7. Draw something that scares you. This could be an insect, an animal, or something entirely different.
  8. Draw something you’ve always dreamed of creating. This could be a painting, a book, or something entirely different.
  9. Draw something you consider dangerous. This could be a sword, a spider, or something entirely different.
  10. Draw something you find fun. This could be a game, a sport, or something entirely different.

Easy Things to Draw

  • House
  • Flowers
  • Mountains
  • Aquarium
  • Cities from above
  • The sky
  • Superheroes

Difficult Things to Draw

  • Drawing faces (portraits)
  • Eyebrows
  • People
  • Princesses
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Puzzles
  • Perspective

Drawing Figures in Motion

One of the most enjoyable things to draw is figures in motion. It could be a person running, a car driving, a bird flying, or an animal leaping. Motion brings drawings to life and adds energy. So let your child draw figures in motion and see how creative they can be.

Now you have a wide range of ideas for how you can express yourself creatively with your pencils and colors. From here, you can probably come up with all sorts of thought processes that can inspire you to create works of art. The hardest part might be choosing among all the exciting possibilities, given that there are countless options.

Enjoy your drawings.

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