Mandala: Free coloring book with 51 mandala drawings

The ingenious, circular patterns are used as a relaxation exercise and a creative challenge for children and adults. But in fact, mandalas are ancient geometric symbols of life with roots in several religions.

Here you get a coloring book with beautiful mandala drawings ready to print – and completely free.

If you would instead download the coloring book as a pdf, click here: Mandala Art

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How to use the mandala color pages

  • Print out the entire coloring book, or choose the one drawing you want to color
  • Use paper for the print suitable for the medium you would like to use (pencil, watercolor, e.g.). Plain copy paper may be too thin.
  • Choose which technique you want to use: color ink or pencil, watercolor, etc.
  • Use crayons or plain alcohol markers if you only have copy paper.

What does mandala mean?

Mandala means circle or circle in the classical Indian language Sanskrit: मण्डल.

The meanings of the mandalas are, for example, infinity, calm and balance and today they are often used as tattoos, both in the form of henna tattoos and the permanent ones that decorate the body of many. If you want more inspiration for mandala tattoo then look at

What is a mandala Art?

Mandalas are meditative drawings that you can either compose yourself or print out and color. Filling the geometric figures with color gives focus and serenity, which many Danes have embraced in recent years. Many would call the beautiful symmetrical drawings a form of mindfulness.

The symbolic value of the mandala drawing?

The Tibetan mandalas are copies of ancient Buddhist mandalas, which are symbolic images of the highest state of consciousness.
In popular Buddhism, mandalas serve as objects of worship. With the help of the pictures, one asks for protection against dangers and accidents, for material goods, etc.
New-age and spirituals have embraced the mandala as an opportunity to attain higher spiritual states and worship of the universe.

Where does the mandala art come from?

The Mandala tradition is found among several peoples and denominations, the Pueblo Indians, Hinduism, and Tibetan Buddhism.

How is the word mandala pronounced?

The word is pronounced with emphasis on the first syllable: mand-da-la.

Make your own mandala designs

If you want to make your own mandala patterns, you can use a match and ruler, and make 5 or more rings with the same center, but with different sizes inside each other.

Then you can subdivide the rings using a ruler and fit, and find patterns in the fields that appear.
Use a pencil to draw with and draw what you want to keep up with ink at the end. When you have finished drawing your mandala, you can erase the guides.


  • Make some copies of your drawing before coloring so you can use it multiple times
  • Also try drawing mandala on stone or other materials

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